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Directions to the Original Round Top Antiques Fair

The Original Round Top Antiques Fair is located in central Texas between Austin and Houston. We hope the map and the instructions for its use provided below will prove helpful in giving you directions. Clicking on one of the push-pins will give you an opportunity to get directions to the Big Red Barn or to Carmine.

If you know how to reach us but need to know The Original Round Top Antiques Fair venue layout, please refer to the venue map below. Tickets are sold at each of the three show sites. Tickets for the Spring and Fall Shows are $10.00 and cover all three locations for all four days! Each ticket has a map on it.

Please note that you will need to drive between Carmine and The Big Red Barn.

Venue Map

Click on red or blue push pin to get started.

Click on the red or blue push pin and you will get a small display giving the name of that location.  At the bottom of that display there is the word “Directions”.  Click on “Directions” and you will get a larger map.  On the left side of that map is a space labeled with a green “A”.  Type in the address from which you will be leaving and then click on the blue box with the words “Get Directions”.  You will get a map with a highlighted route and detailed directions from your starting point.   Above the addresses is a small icon of a printer.  Click there to print your directions. 

If you really want to get fancy, you can change those directions by placing your pointer on the blue highlighted route, hold down the left mouse button, and “drag” the route to an alternate highway.  The map and the directions will change accordingly.