Original Round Top Antique Fair - 47 yrs of Tradition~

With all of the shows and the transformation of Round Top over the last 47 years, we understand the confusion that may occur to new shoppers to the area. It can be overwhelming the amount of information that you find on the web and hear from others, but we can clear some of those questions up for you.

trt_red copy.png

We are the show in Round Top Texas that started all of this 47 years ago. YEP, this is our 47th Spring in Round Top and we couldn't be more happy with the traditions that we have carried forward and pleased with some of the new additions we have included along the way.

In those last 47 years, other venues and towns around us have added events that also happen during our show, but those are all independently owned. Shows and venues have come and gone, but we have remained steadfast, steeped in traditions and eager to push forward into the future while never forgetting where we came from.

Our show, which includes 4 venues - The Big Red Barn, The Original Continental Tent, The Big Red Barn Tent and Historic Carmine Dance Hall, is one of the few remaining events in Round Top that still puts QUALITY and AUTHENTICITY before anything else. In our venues, we maintain a policy of ALL ANTIQUES. As times and tastes change, we still maintain the highest of scrutiny of vetted dealers who are hand selected and bring you the best of the best from all around the US and Abroad. We have over the past few years included a small amount of Vintage & Repurposed vendors into our Big Red Barn Tent as well.

In a sea of choices from the surrounding communities and venues, you will be pleased to know that you can shop with confidence, as our knowledgable dealers can help you find the RIGHT ANTIQUE that fits your needs.

Join us April 1, 2, 3 & 4 Open Daily at 9am. For more information on the show, FAQ, times and much much more visit us on the web at www.roundtoptexasantiques.com

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