The Counter Doesn't LIE ...

I was doing some adjusting to the website this morning, when BAM! there it was. The COUNTER! Ticking down the seconds, minutes, hours & days until our next show! THE COUNTER DOESN'T LIE! You read it right, we are officially under the 50 day mark until the 48th Annual Original Round Top Antique Fair begins!

Have you purchased your tickets? New this show, VIP EARLY SHOPPER PASS, for ticket information please visit our website. Tickets also available at the door each day of the event.

Have your made your lodging arrangements yet? HURRY, things fill up quickly!

Have questions? Read our FAQ page to get some of the answers to your most important quesions!

Don't forget to like us on Facebook and Join our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE for the show!

New Extended Show Dates:

Monday September 28th

Tuesday September 29th

Wednesday September 30th

Thursday October 1st

Friday October 2nd

Saturday October 3rd

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