winter show '23

January 20th - 21st

Start making plans for the next Texas Antiques Week. Come shop our venues for the best antique and vintage finds.

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Show Hours

Jan 20  - 9pm-5pm
Jan 21 - 9am-5pm


Blue Hills


Our Sister Venue Opens Earlier!

January 19th - 22nd


what is
Round Top

Twice a year, in the spring and fall the small Texas town of Round Top swells from its population of 90 to a few hundred thousand during the Round Top Antiques Festival.


The antiques show is the largest of its kind in the country, stretching over 11 miles on either side of Texas State Highway 237.

Our show is the original show that started it all in 1968. Since then, nearly a hundred venues have joined along side ours to put on this uniquely Texas event.


During the show, visitors drive down the rural highway of TX-237, to shop barns, tents, and hayfields for authentic antiques, fine art, home decor, and more.

Come back in early September when we release our Round Top guide.


Show Dates
The Original Round Top Antiques Fair

Show dates for all the upcoming events at the Original Round Top Antiques Fair. 


January 20th &

January 21st


9am - 5pm

Blue Hills & Other Venues:
January 19th - 22nd


March 27th thru

April 1st

9am - 6pm | Opening Day

9am - 5pm | 28th - 31st

9am - 4pm | Last Day

Blue Hills & Other Venues:
March 18th - April 1st


October 23rd thru

October 28 th

9am - 6pm | Opening Day

9am - 5pm | 25th - 28th

9am - 4pm | Last Day

Blue Hills & Other Venues:
October 14th - 28th