It's FUN to explain...

"What is Round Top?" 

Here are some helpful hints & answers to the most frequently asked questions so we can help you plan your trip!



What are we doing about COVID-19?  Mask optional. 

Where is Round Top, Texas?


Round Top, Texas is a small Texas town, Population 90.  Located between Houston & Austin on HWY 237.  

What are you shopping for in Round Top?


Round Top, Texas, during show times, is much larger than you can imagine. With more than 50 venues in the area open during show time, each has their own independent format.  Our format has been true & consistent over the past 49 years, and we take pride in the tradition of our legacy.  Our format is 100% Antiques and Vintage with no new items and no reproductions. Although we have products in a wide varitey of price ranges, from under $50 to over $1,000 we pride ourselves in bringing dealers with the finest quality of merchandise in all of Round Top.  Having said that, we encourage you to do some research before you arrive, so that you are ensured to find the items in which you are interested in.  In the Round Top area during show time you will find many venues with a wide array of merchandise available from flea market items to new and reproductions, imports, boutique clothing, crafts and interior decorator pieces as well. Doing your research ahead of time will ensure you get the most of your Round Top Antique Week experience. 

What is Round Top Texas Antique Week?


51 years ago, OUR SHOW, The Original Round Top Antiques Fair held its 1st antique fair at Rifle Hall in Round Top, Texas.  It has over the years grown and changed into a phenomena that we know and love today.  Yep, we started it! Still want to know more?

Read this article about us HERE

When is Round Top Texas Antique Week?


There are 2 events, SPRING & FALL, every year.  FUN FACT:  Did you know how the dates for Round Top Antique Week are determined? Traditional Round Top Antique Week Dates were set by Emma Lee Turney, the founder of the Original Round Top Antiques Fair, back in 1968. Tradition states, that Round Top Antique Week shall end on the 1st full Saturday & Sunday of April & October every year. You can see our upcoming show dates here.  If you want information on other shows venues located in other local communities and to find out more about their show dates, contact the Round Top Area Chamber of Commerce.

Where can we stay for the Fair?


There is a limited amount of lodging in these small Texas Communities.  We suggest you book your lodging early, as they sell out fast.  Check out the LODGING tab on our website for local area information on lodging.  

How do we purchase tickets for the fair?


Our show has an admission fee.  This ticket is good for all dealers located at the Big Red Barn Event Center & The Continental Tent, once purchased the ticket is good for all 6 days of the fair.  VIP EARLY SHOPPING PASSES & General Admission Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate on opening day or any other day of during the show at the door.  Admission at the door is CASH ONLY.  We have ATM's located on property.  Children 12yrs or under - Admission FREE.  Parking is FREE.  

Still have ticket questions? Please contact us.

What if we have a large party?


Large parties of 20 or more can purchase tickets in advance.  Please contact us.

Is there an airport ?


Major Airports are located in Austin & Houston. 

Local Airport is in LaGrange.

Visit our Location page for a map and more info.


What if I buy a large item?


We have professional shipping services on-site to take care of shipping or delivering large or bulky items.  We also have porters available to help you load heavy items.  

I'm interested in becoming a vendor?


We would love to talk to you.  Please note that OUR FORMAT for our venues is 100% Antique & Vintage.  We do not accept any NEW or REPRODUCTION merchandise in any of our venues. Complete the form for Dealer Application and tell us a little bit about you and the type of merchandise you sell.

Is there parking available?


We have ample FREE parking for any type of vehicle, including buses & RV's.  We also have ample Handicap Parking available for those with permits.  Sorry NO Overnight parking.

Is there food available at the show?


At the Big Red Barn Event Center, we feature a spacious dining tent with several food and drink vendors as well as and dessert options.  The dining area features a large tent, with ample seating to sit and enjoy a lunch, dessert or just a quick drink. 

What is the weather like?


This is TEXAS.  So if you don't like the weather, stick around it will change!  Having said that, the weather is a big factor so our suggestion is to dress in layers, bring rain gear such as boots, rain coat and maybe an umbrella.  But then you might also want to pack an extra pair of socks and a scarf! Lastly don't forget to wear comfortable walking shoes, wear a hat and keep the sunscreen handy. Seriously, it has been known that during show time we see all four seasons!  The most important thing is to have fun ... So HEY! Maybe throw a couple pair of cowboy boots in the suit case too!  The show must go on! 

Do the vendors accept credit or debit cards?


With today's technology quite a few vendors do accept credit and/or debit cards, but please know that not all vendors do.  Be prepared with ample cash on hand to make your purchases.  We do offer an ATM Machine in our Big Red Barn Lobby as well.

What is the best route to drive to the show?


This historic Hwy 237 is just a 2 lane county highway.  To avoid traffic, use Hwy 290 and then jump on to Hwy 237 and it is less than 3 miles to the Big Red Barn Event Center. 

Need the address for your GPS?  CLICK HERE

Are pets allowed?


Service Animals are welcome. Small Dogs are allowed inside the Big Red Barn as long as they are able to be held the entire time.  Due to the crowds inside the Big Red Barn, leashed and large animals are NOT permitted, as they are a trip hazard.  Also, we treat our grounds with Fire Ant preventative so it is unsafe for them to get this into pet's paws. We LOVE LOVE LOVE pets, but due to our facilities being located in the middle of cow pastures, we have to protect our customers from those NASTY Fire ants that Texas is known for.


If you would like info on kennels, boarding service for overnight stays and or personal pet day care during your stay and or veterinary services in our area, please send us an email. 

Are strollers permitted?


Strollers & wheeled shopping carts are NOT permitted ON OPENING DAY.  Due to crowds inside the Big Red Barn, the traffic makes it difficult for customers to navigate the aisles, especially on our Opening Day.  Small strollers are ok during the other days of the show, as the crowd PERMITS. If large crowds are present, our staff may ask that you leave those in your vehicle.  For more information on this, please see one of our event staff at the gate. NO WAGONS, NO LARGE CARTS, NO LARGE STROLLERS ARE PERMITTED ON ANY DAY OF THE SHOW.  ALL CARTS will/will not be allowed at the discretion of our staff.   We have an awesome porter staff so getting your items to your vehicle is no problem.  Ask any staff member or porter for information. 


Do you rent scooters or wheel chairs?


At this time we do not.  However if you have your own, you are more than welcome to bring it.  Just for your information, due to crowds inside the Big Red Barn, the traffic makes it difficult for customers to navigate the aisles, especially on our MONDAY, Opening Day.  For more information on this, please see one of our event staff at the gate.

Do you have an ATM?

YES.  ATM's are located in the Big Red Barn Lobby as well as in the Dining Tent.  

Can I bring my own golf cart?


Golf carts are not permitted on the streets.  At our facility, golf carts are not necessary because all of our venues are in close proximity to each other.  

Are there other shows going on in the area?


Yes.  There are more than 50 shows that surround us.  However, not all of them include ANTIQUES.  We are the show in Round Top that STARTED IT ALL, we are the ORIGINAL. Our format is 100% Antique & Vintage.  No reproductions, No new merchandise.  But remember, when we are OPEN, everything else is OPEN.  So plan your weekend around us.  All show venues in the Round Top Area are independtly owned and operated and set their own show dates and times.  For information on other venues and their opening days contact the Round Top Chamber of Commerce or the City of Warrenton.

When is the Junk Gypsy Prom?


 Junk Gypsy's at the Junk Gypsy Prom!  For more info about the prom contact them for details!

What can I expect if my travel plans take me to
Round Top during NON-SHOW dates?


We suggest you change your travel plans!  Just kidding of course, but if you can't do that, please know that there is not much going on in Round Top as far as antique shows or antique shops outside of the major show dates. We DO NOT have a store that is open regular hours.  There are quaint Texas communities that have other activities going on, as well as plenty of boutiques, arts and other historic events and places that you can visit.  So if you are going to be there during NON-SHOW dates, contact the Round Top Texas Chamber of Commerce for their full event schedule.